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I hope you are excited about Amplified taking place in Jan & Feb 2020!

We have set apart the first month of our new year to seek God.  To pray and fast with real intention and intensity.  That we might quieten the noise of our life and amplify the voice of God!  Across our church we will be making space to hear his voice again, praying we will not be left wondering what God might have done if only we had trusted more and tried harder. 

You can hear more of what this might feel like from this recent talk (listen here), by watching the video below or check out the events, sermons, devotionals and sign ups listed below….

Wishing you a powerful new year!

Pastor Alex

Introduction to Amplified

Amplified Events & Sign Up

Sign up for the prayer night, week of fasting and 0930 congregations 24hr prayer event. Look for the events with a tick beside their title.

Amplified Sermons

You can find all our Amplified sermons by clicking on the pictures below. These will be made available on the Monday following the Sunday sermon.

Amplified Sermon 5 – Do not go unless you go with God’s presence!

Discussion Questions

These discussion questions will be available each week following the Sunday sermons. Why not use them with your family or small group? Click on the pictures below to open the relevant week’s devotional.

Week of Fasting Devotionals

If you have signed up for the week of fasting (1st-7th Feb) then you will be receiving a daily devotional to encourage you during the week.

You can also find the devotional videos here – Intro, Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six and Day Seven.

All about Fasting

If you’re not sure what fasting is or why Christians fast then why not read this short article on fasting, it also gives some practical pointers as to how to fast.

Small Group Resources

Here are a list of small group resources that might equip your small group to better engage with the Amplified series in addition to the discussion questions above.

Talking Jesus – A 6 week, video-based study about how to talk about your faith. (1 copy available to borrow from Beacon)

Moving Toward Mission – An 8 week, Bible study aimed at helping your group understand the God’s call for mission and how your group can work together to be more missional. (4 books available to borrow from Beacon)

Sharing Jesus – A 1 or 2 week, video-based study about how to share Jesus with others. The study guide can be found here and these are the links to the videos for part one, part two, part three, part four and part five of the session.

Prayer Course – An 8 week study of the Lord’s Prayer that teaches you more about how Jesus taught us to pray. (Free resource available for download from their website here.  Contact Chrissy for help with finding material on their website.)

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