Be The Light

Here are some practical next steps you can take to Be The Light in your community. We will be updating this page with new resources regularly.

  1. Pray: Begin by praying for all those affected and praying for God to show you how you can be a light in the midst of what will feel dark for some.
    • Pray for people you know and ask God to show you how you can reach out.
    • Pray for those feeling especially vulnerable at this time.
    • Pray for those with mental health or financial challenges at this time.
    • Pray for medical professionals who will be working very hard over these weeks and months.
    • After praying, why not go to and click the link to let us know any ways you might be able to offer help.
  2. Share: Use Alex’s video as a simple way to share hope and a way to find help to those on your social media who may be feeling a bit worried.
    • Share the video on your social media by copying this link and pasting it into your post:
    • Include with your post a comment about how you might be willing to help.  Perhaps you’re happy to chat with people who need someone to talk to, or maybe you could offer to pray with those feeling worried, or maybe you know of some other way to support and care for those who may watch the video.  Include your comment along with the video link as a way to be a light to those on your social media page.
  3. Give: Download the Neighbour Care Card from the link below
    • The Neighbour Care Card allows you to fill out your details and tick boxes for any help or support you could give to your neighbours.  You can then slip them through the letterboxes of any nearby neighbours who you think you’d be able to support.
    • Some in our church have had the good idea to also give their neighbours a note inviting them to join a whatsapp group just for the people on their street so that you can keep in touch with how to help and support one another. You can find resources to do this also linked below.
    • Guidance on how to do this safely can be found here.

These are just a few ways that we can all begin to be a light in our communities by praying, sharing and giving.  No matter our situation we are a family on a mission and we want to both care for each other as well as find practical ways to care for those not yet a part of our family.  These small acts of love and compassion may be the first steps in our friends and neighbours coming to know Jesus.

If you’ve had a good idea that’s worked well, why not let us know so we can share with others?  Email us at

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