Neighbourhood Invites

If you would like to set up a whatsapp group in your neighbourhood please find below sample wording you could use to do this. You can either copy and paste the text below or open this Google Doc, make a copy and edit it.

Advice on how to engage with others in your community safely can be found here.

If you’re not sure what whatsapp is or how to use it then check out our instructions for getting digitally connected here.

Sample Letter

Put your contact details and address at the top


We are aware that we are in a very unsettling season as a country and some of us are having to self isolate, many are fearful and we are all having to stay home more. As the UK faces Coronavirus what could our response be? Could we who live at xxxxxx provide some support for each other?

So as residents of xxxxxx we suggest setting up a Whatsapp group so we can support one another. This could mean helping out with groceries, keeping an eye out for each other or providing a listening ear.

If you’d like to be part of this group, then please contact xxxx on xxxx.

Best Wishes

Sign your name

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