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Pancake Day

Please find below some fantastic ways you can use Pancake Day to ‘be the light’ to those around you. If you’d like what’s written below as a pdf file you can find that here. Plus don’t forget to share our pancake day video here.

Why Be the Light?

At Beacon Church being courageous in mission is one of our values, often that’s easy to say, but far harder to do! That’s why we provide ‘be the light’ kits so that you have simple, easy ideas to help you reach out to your local community, family and friends. Matthew 5:16 says ‘In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’. We hope that these simple ‘deeds’ will help your ‘light shine’ and provide you with opportunities to talk to others about your faith and relationship with Jesus.

Why Pancake Day?

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday actually has Christian heritage. Pancake day is the last day before Lent and traditionally seen as an opportunity to use up rich foods (milk and eggs, hence the pancakes!) before Lent which is a time of fasting. Why? Because ‘shrove’ or ‘shriven’ mean ‘absolved’ or ‘forgiven’ and is meant to be a time when we reflect on our sins, the things we have done our way and not God’s and ask for forgiveness. All of these events are in the calendar as an opportunity to reflect on the main event – Easter!! Easter is when we know true forgiveness as Jesus died and rose again for the forgiveness of our sins!

How to share Pancake Day!

This pancake day we have made a video available for you to share on social media or personally. It explains how pancake day points to Jesus! Find it below, feel free to share on facebook or other social media channels!

Host a Pancake Party

Why not gather some friends and invite them for pancakes. Challenge everyone to try to toss a pancake (flipping the pancake over in the pan). Get guests to bring their favourite topping and have a great time sharing time together.

Just a few friends over

If parties aren’t your thing, why not just invite one or two people over. You can even buy ready made pancakes!

Pancake Mix Giveaway

Why not gift some pancake mix to friends? We’ve made packs with cellophane cones and an explanation of why we have pancake day (similar to the candy canes at Christmas). All you need to do is grab a pack, fill it with mix and write the cooking instructions (‘add 200ml water’ or ‘add an egg’) on the back. Simple! If you’d like to do this then email, or pop into the church office and grab some bags from the bookshelves.

Pancake Gift

Why not make up a batch of pancakes and take them in to work or gift them to friends. Bring toppings with you and pop them in the microwave! Or gift a cute jar of maple syrup, you could even add the pancake day tag we’ve made for the pancake mix giveaway.

Never made a pancake before?


100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

1tbsp vegetable oil

pinch salt



1. Whisk together all ingredients

2. Heat a drop of oil in a medium sized frying pan

3. Place a ladle full of mixture in the frying pan and tilt it gently round the pan to form a circle of batter

4. Heat the pancake for one minute on each side, then when lightly browned remove from pan

5. Add a topping of your choice (lemon juice, sugar, chocolate spread, fruit)

6. Fold or roll and eat!

How could you use pancake day to ‘Be the light’?

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