As a church we have a unique role to fulfill within God’s mission.  Not our work or our plan, but his plan.  Throughout the month of June we want to seek together as a community to hear from the Holy Spirit again what he is saying to us about our place in His mission. 

To do that we want to invite you to join in on TWO gatherings in June:

Vision Event – The first gathering will be to hear from Alex and the Elders about the vision they believe God has been leading Beacon on and where they hope we might be going in the future. 

Vision Discussion – The second gathering will be an invitation to gather in smaller groups of 10 or less to hear from each other about our reflections on what Alex and the elders have shared.  It’s an opportunity to really listen well together and then discuss all that God might be inviting us to do as his church on his mission.

Most of the these gatherings will be held in person, at individual homes and gardens, but we’ll also make some online gatherings available for those who need to attend that way.  But we would love to encourage you if you are able to attend in person we would really love to meet together in that way – and then also leave those online spaces for those who really need them.

Prayer – We are encouraging Small Groups to pray for the Vision throughout June. If you are not in a small group and would like join a group of people to pray for the vision you can sign up at

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